About Sundara Botanical

Pure Cinnamon operates both in Australia and New Zealand. In New Zealand Pure Cinnamon’s parent company ICC Ltd has operated for over 17 years.

Owner and Director Mr Puvanakumar Sundaramoorthy, a Sri Lankan national who has lived in New Zealand for over 21 years created a successful retail/wholesale business in importing and providing a wide range of Sri Lankan food products for sale to emigrants from Sri Lanka and to New Zealanders.

Over the last 3 years Kumar (as he is known) has largely put his efforts into developing Pure Cinnamon, through clinical testing to maximise oil content and efficacy of what is a unique product dating back 5000 years in its use.

Mr Sundaramoorthy has briefed both GSL (The Gold Coast Laboratory), Assure Quality Ltd in New Zealand and a team operating at the Industrial Technology Institute of Colombo, in Sri Lanka on what the optimum requirements are for the milling of Cinnamon bark, in an attempt to gain the highest efficacy rate and oil retention of the genuine Sri Lankan (or as it is known Ceylonese) Cinnamon.

In scientific terms this means gaining a higher percentage retention of cinnamaldehyde and polyphones. To achieve this Mr Sundaramorthy has set up a milling and production plant in New Zealand. Mr Sundaramoorthy maintains harvest quality with third generation Cinnamon producers in Sri Lanka – pioneers in the modern cinnamon industry there. Their company operates under the umbrella of the Sri Lankan Export Development Board and is certified by that organisation as GMP approved (Good manufacturing practices). Packaging for the branded product produced by Mr Sundaramoorthy is undertaken in New Zealand with full compliance to NZ food safety requirements.

The Pure Cinnamon products that have been further developed in Australia and also produced in a GMP rated laboratory include Cinnamon Capsules. The business process and manufacturing enterprise has been done in co-operation with Sri Lanka’s Sabaragamuwa University in a bid to organise a suitably structured supply line marketing chain. Mr Sundaramoorthy attended this Government approved workshop program on this topic whilst visiting Sri Lanka recently.

As well he attended workshops with Sri Lankan Export Development Board, the ITC (International Trade Centre) and the WEDF (World Export Development Forum) in Sri Lanka last year. The senior officials involved met with Mr Sundaramoorthy and discussed with him his project to further develop this iconic Sri Lankan product. Mr Sundarmoorthy’s company, Pure Cinnamon Ltd, has commissioned Southern Cross University (located on the Gold Coast in Queensland with a second campus in Lismore NSW) to engage in further clinical studies on Cinnamon.

Pure Cinnamon currently is the only supplier in Australia or New Zealand importing high quality Cinnamon products and bark. Its products contain no synthetics or adulterations. It is to be ground, processed and packed in New Zealand where finished product is then exported and shipped to Australia and Japan at present.

Pure Cinnamon Ltd places a very high value on proper clinical studies and investigation on medicinal value of the cinnamon products produced by processing and manufacturing its plants. This extends to studies on therapeutic effects assigned to Cinnamon in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and the human condition.

As a company Research and Development are of paramount importance. Visit our website and always check our latest news for further information on both Pure Cinnamon and various studies being conducted on the Sri Lankan Cinnamon and its various products.

Pure Cinnamon products all carry an ID test and are laboratory validated and tested. The future looks bright with a full range of Cinnamon products and some other associated products soon to be available for sale through the Pure Cinnamon Website and quite possibly social media applications.

Remember Pure Cinnamon only comes from Sri Lanka. Make sure the product you choose is pure, ethical and the best choice you can make – a tried and tested guaranteed product.

Pure Cinnamon – for lovers of real cinnamon.